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Findtheareaofatriangle - Example 2

In mathematics, the area of a triangle is half the base times the height. It is a generalization of the concept of area in Euclidean geometry, where the base and height are the sides of the triangle and where the area is the length of any side times the area of the triangle.


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Video Transcript

of the triangle using trigonometry functions. Where angle A. It's 60 degrees side B is 12 centimeters and see is 12 centimeters since we're given angle A. We're going to use the formula where area well, equal one half of my two adjacent side. So it's gonna be a B and C times the sine of the angle I'm giving, which in this case will be angle A. So, since that's the formula I'm gonna use, I'm gonna plug in my values for my sides in my angle. So we'll have one half of 12 Tom's 12 sign of 60. And, of course, another way of writing. This could be one half of 12 squared because we've got 12 times 12. It's out of 60 of course, 12 squared or 12 times 12 is 144 sign of 60 half of 144 72 and sign of 60. If I go ahead and find that and round, it is gonna be 0.866 Now I'm ready to multiply 72 times 0.866 And when I dio, I'm getting on getting an approximate value of 62 0.4 centimeters and because we're finding area, we're going to go ahead and square that measurement. So the area of my triangle is 62.4 centimeters squared.