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Unit Circle Revisited - Example 2

A trigonometric function is a function of an angle. The angle may be in radians or in degrees. The trigonometric functions are commonly defined for angles in the range –90° to +90°. The commonly-used trigonometric functions are sine (sin), cosine (cos), tangent (tan), cotangent (cotan), secant (sech), and cosecant (cosech). The inverse trigonometric functions are the arcsine (arcsin), arccosine (arccos), arctangent (arctan), arccotangent (arccotan), arcsecant (arccosec), and arc cosecant (arccosech).


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Video Transcript

were given a point on the terminal side of an angle that is a drawn a standard form, which means it's basically drawn within a unit circle, and we want to find the sun of this angle and the cosign. The sign of this angle is R Y coordinate, which is negative one half the coast sun we get from our X coordinate, and that's going to be a square root of three over to.