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value for the quadratic function. F of X equals X squared minus 10 X minus one. Now, let's go ahead and let's start labeling our values. So we have a, B and C are A is gonna be positive one RBS negative 10 and R. C is negative one. We could go ahead and determine if we find it a maximum or minimum. A is positive. So this means is going to be an upward opening parabola, which means we're going to be finding a minimum value because we're trying to kind of find where that Vertex is. So let's go ahead and use and find our Vertex, and we're gonna find it by finding our X value first. And we do that by having negative be divided by two A. So, in this case, we're gonna have negative negative 10 over two times one. So that's gonna be positive. 10 over two. Which means that my ex value is going to be five. So it's my ex values five. We can plug that back into our functions. So we have five squared minus 10 times five minus one, which Big 25 minus 50 modest one, and that's going to give me a where y is negative. 26. So my minimum value is where? Why is negative 26.