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Findteh Minimumor Maximum Values - Example 4


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some, um, value for the quadratic function F of X equals three X square. Now for this when we usually will start by writing are a BSC. Well, we've got an A, which is three, but it doesn't appear we have any more coefficients. In fact, we actually do Really And truly RB coordinate would be written a zero X but we don't have to write that in. And r c coordinate would also be written at zero, so we still need to use those to find our minimum maximum value. Well, I noticed that A is positive, so that means that our parabola is opening up, which means we're going to have a minimum value on this parable. So let's start ahead and let's use our X R B value to find the eggs of our Vertex. So we're gonna do that by going negative, be over to a so that's gonna be negative. 0/2 times three, which would be 0/6 0 divided by any number, of course, is zero. So our x zero So we're gonna plug that Ian so we're gonna have three times zero squared, which is the Samos three times zero, which of course, is zero. So our minimum value would be zero