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Graph Quadratic Functions - Example 4


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section F of X equals X squared minus four X plus four. Before we graph it, let's go ahead and find a couple of points. We confined easily. First thing I confined is my y intercept. My Y intercept is positive for so that means when x zero f of X is going to be four. The next thing I confined is my axis of symmetry. Axis of symmetry says that X will equal b minus negative to a. This is kind of that center of the parabola. So be be term is negative. Four modest, divided by negative two times age one. So it's negative four divided by negative two, Which is positive too. So our access, a symmetry point is to, and I can go ahead and find what that is. So I'm gonna go ahead and put two in place of eggs, so that would be two squared minus four times two plus four, which would be four minus four plus four. So I would get zero. So let's go ahead and graph those two points. So we have 04 and 20 Was there 04 and there's 20 And since 20 that is also my axis of symmetry, so I can kind of see thou that my line is going to kind of come around here and continue up. So I know I need some X coordinates that are larger than two, since I've got the ones marked on that are less than two. So let's just pick one that's greater than two. So let's do let's do four. So that would be four squared minus four times four plus four. So we have 16 minus 16 plus four, which would be zero plus four, which would give May four. So our next set of coordinates would be four four, so that would be right here, and I could finish the parabola going up in that direction.