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Solve Quadratic Equationsby Factoring - Example 4


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the quadratic equation non X squared plus 30 X plus 16 equals zero and by factoring. So I do notice that my A is greater than one. So that's where we're actually going to start off. So we need to go ahead and move it over so that it makes it easier to factor by multiplying 16 times. Not so everything else will come down. So also have X squared plus 30 x plus 144 will equal zero. So here's what we're gonna factor. Starting off, we're gonna find two factors of 144 that when I had together, will give me 30. Well, there's a lot of factors of 144. So if we started listing them, we would have won in 1 44 which would be 1 45 to in 72 which would be a 74 three and 48 which would be a 51 four and 36 which is going to give me 45 won't go into it. So six and 24 which would give me 30. So this right here is actually what I'm looking for. Six and 24. So we have X Plus six and X plus 24. Now, I'm not through finding the factors, because remember how we move this nine over. Well, we have to move it back, and we're going to move it back. We're going to divide. We're going to buy both of these by nine. Now, you want to simplify them. So 6/9 will simplify to two thirds and 24/9 is going to simplify to eight thirds. However, I don't want things to be fractions. I want them toe actually be, um I want these toe actually have whole numbers in them. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna take the denominator from each of them and move that in front of the X. So my factors would actually be three x plus two and three X plus eight. So I have three x plus two and three X plus eight, and they're going to equal zero. So let's work things out and how we're gonna work them out. We're gonna make each of them individually equals zero. So three X plus two equals zero and then three x plus eight is going to equal zero. So we'll subtract two. So three X equals negative, too. Divided by three X equals negative to First. We'll do the same thing Here will subtract eight. So three X equals negative eight. Divide by three Excel equal negative eight thirds. So our solution is negative. Eight thirds negative two thirds.