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Solve Multi-Step Inequalities - Overview


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section, we're going to talk about solving multi step inequalities. And as you've seen in the previous couple of sections, we found that solving inequalities is very similar to solving equations. So I kind of gather the list here off the steps, just like you would when you're solving an equation that you would go about taking action on if you were asked to solve a multi step inequality. So again, if you have any parentheses, you should remove those by using distributive property. Step two. You're going to eliminate fractions by multiplying both sides of the inequality by the least common denominator. So again, that's only if you have a fraction. Um, remember a lot of times you want to get rid of those right away. So that way, we all have to deal with those forever on Step three. Combine like terms on both sides of the inequality, and then Step four. Collect the variable terms on one side of the inequality, Um, and from there you might have a one or two step equation left now. Like I said, the biggest difference between solving an equation and solving inequality is the little no, they haven't the end If you multiply or divide both sides of inequality by a negative number, you must remember toe flip the inequality sign. That's the key thing. So again, if you multiply or divide both sides of inequality by a negative number, you have to flip the inequality sign. So in the next couple of videos will go over some examples of solving multi step inequalities and graphing their solution sets on the number line.

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