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Integration Review - Intro

In mathematics, integration is one of the two main operations in calculus, with its inverse, differentiation, being the other. Given a function of a real variable, an antiderivative, integral, or integrand is, loosely speaking, a formula that describes the function. Integration is the inverse operation to differentiation. The integration of a function "f"("x") is its indefinite integral denoted by ?"f"("x")dx.


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Md N.

June 2, 2021


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Video Transcript

by reviewing some integral roles and some integration techniques before we get into some more complicated technical ways to do integration. So for our review of Integral is this first topic, we're going to cover three different things. The first thing we're gonna cover is the difference between definitely verse indefinite, integral and how to handle each of these. And then we're going to look at you substitution and how we use U substitution. Some of you guys might already be familiar with the use substitution. This is going to be a review, possibly. And for three, we're going to go over some brief Trigon and grows. We're going to cover these Trigana girls multiple times throughout the course. We're going to keep going back to them. I will keep bringing up the same ones. But if you go ahead and see them now, hopefully when you see them again, they could be a little bit easier. So we get our first topic. We're gonna have a lecture on each of these three things and then some examples for each of these A swell