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see, And in our discussion about serious, we're gonna hit on a couple different things. We're going to start by looking at what they are. That's going to be the first question that we answer what they are. What's the notation? After that, we're gonna move on to some properties of Siri's, and we denote a Siri's by using the Sigma notation. So we're gonna look at the properties of this operator. We're gonna look at some certain types of Siri's, and the main question that we're asking is going to be. Does the Siri's converge or diverge? Does the Siri's converge or diverge? This is the main question that we're going to be looking at. And to do this we have a couple more than a couple, actually. So here's the main question. And now to answer this main question so we're looking converge, diverge for a Siri's, and we're going to use various tests to determine whether or not it converges or diverges. Then, at the end of looking at all of these, different tests were going to do a review, and the review's gonna list all of the test and then, like a method of working through all the tests. Kind of like an order on that should help you maybe be a little bit more efficient and answering these questions. But we're going to go ahead and get started talking about what a Siri's actually is. Go into some of the properties going to a little bit of the types, and then we're going to start looking at the various test that we can use to answer our main question, which is, Does the serious converge or diverge?