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Catalysis - Example 2


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in our second example, they're giving us the energy off activation off sucrose. Going to glucose is 108 killed joules per mole at 25 Celsius degrees. And with the catalyst, it makes it go a million times faster than without a catalyst. And they're asking us was the energy of activation uh, off the reaction with the catalyst. So basically, this is pretty same with the previous question. What we have is okay, let's say the K two is with the catalyst. So we have que su over K one, which is a million since it is a million times faster. And that equals two into the power roof Negative e a to plus yea, once, which is 108,000 Jules, because that was a killer jewels or 8.314 times temperature to 98. Now what we want to do is take the nation log natural logarithm of both sides. So once we take the natural log off million, we get 13.8 to 1 and wants to get the nature log off the right hand side. We're going to be left with this power, so it's going to be minus e A to plus under 8000. Do I buy 8.314 times 298. And if you sold for E A to it's going to be 73,771. So this is around 73.8 killer jewels. So basically, as you can see, if an energy activation drops from 108 killed, jewels to center, three killed jewels. The reaction goes a million times faster. And if you're having trouble building this part, it is actually quite easy. And I'm going to show you again how to do that. Let me use actually read for this. So what we had was okay, One equals two a e to the player off. Negative. Yeah, you won over RT and K two equals two. A need to the part of negative yea to over rt. So basically, if you divide both sides, what we do is since now we're using K one without the kettles and K two with the catalyst is going to be one over one million for this question and we're here. What we do is we cancel the ace, but we cannot cancel a These are the basis. What we do is we write the base and V right? This guy and sub strapped this second term from the first term Soviet minus e a one now negative negative. EA to is going to be a positive plus e eight to or rt. And we know this number in our question. Yeah, one is 108. So you can either sold it this way. Or as I did hear Philip it flip it. So it's going to be easier. We're just going to write a million on the left hand side and sold it that way.

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