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Change of Rate With Time - Example 3


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So lastly, let's say to h 202 goes to to H 20 plus 02 And let's see if the rates off disappearance off H 202 equals two 0.4 wars over seconds. What is the rates off appearance off? 02 Now there is a language trick over here. If it says the rate off disappearance, we no longer need to put a negative sign because it's already the rate off the Supremes ifit's. It said the rate off change off the concentration off Htoo too. Then we would have to put a negative sign. But in this case, we do not need Thio. So how are you going to solve this is Let's remember there is one or two and there is the concentration change off H 202 Do I buy Delta T now? This this part, this rate off disappearance is 0.4 and they're asking this guy So the entire rate law, if you can write this is going to be equal to there is a hidden one. So this is going to be basically 1/1 concentration change off all to divide by Delta t so if you put the numbers in one or two times, 0.4 equals two, the rate off change off all teams, So this is going to be 0.2 and that's all you gotta do.

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