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Instantaneous Rate - Overview


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So let's talk about the instantaneous rate. What is the instantaneous rate? The best analogy for that is let's say you're speeding and you're going with Well, actually, it's not speeding, Right? Lets you say you're going 60 MPH as an average in the total three hour off interval. And let's say at the time, very specific time. Two hours, 15 minutes started. Seven seconds At that time, you're looking at your speed, and it is, let's say, 4 to 8 mile per hour. So this is your speed at the instance off this very specific moment, and this is pretty much the same in chemistry. Let's draw a graph and let's say this is going to be the concentration off A with the change in time and let's say a is increasing. So what is the rate at this instant at this instant? How do you find this? This is if you can remember from calculus. If you need to draw a tangent line at this point and the slope off this tangent line would give us the, uh, instantaneous rates. So how we're going to do that is basically we need two points this point and then at this point, because the slope is going to be equal to this guy divided by that guy lists, named them a and be so our slope is going to be a divide by be.

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