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Reaction Mechanisms - Example 2


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So there's another question that is a three step mechanism. So in the first step we have sell to and it's an equilibrium with to seal and then we have seal plus c h c l tree in This goes through HCL plus CCL tree. In the last step, we have a C l plus CCL tree goes to CCL four No, they're asking us Hey, overall reactions the intermediates and see right now so quickly you need to write this first step ISS fast. Second step is slow. First step, it's fast again. So let's start with the role reaction. What we actually need to do is to add these guys left on left right on right and see what happens. So you see, in the very first fast step, we get to see L. And then on the left hand side we have to see l's so I can actually cancel these. What else do you have over here? We get a CCL tree and over here we have a CCL tree. They canceled, too. Do you have anything else to council? Not really. So let's write what we have so far. C l two plus C h c l tree goes to hcl plus c c l four. Now this is our overall reaction, and the intermediates are the ones that we canceled. So these are going to be C l and CCL tree again. What intermediate means? We don't see it in the very first step in the reactant, but we see it in the products and then that product is getting consumed in the later steps off this entire reaction. So how are we going to find the red law? Normally, we should write the slow step and I am just going to quickly say this is K two and is going to be Katri. So the first step, what we should write is K C l and C H C L tree. Now the problem is, we don't have the CL in the overall reaction, So we need to cancel the c l and write it in terms off something else to do that. Well, look at this step that has in equilibrium constant. So if you write for this first step, what very well to get is forward. Iss k one c l two equals through the reverse reaction K minus one C L Square. Then if I sold for C L. You have k one overcame on this one c l two and then we take screwed all still left hand side the articles to sell. We took the skirt to cancel the square. So now instead, off the c l b c, you're going to write the c l. So going to use a different color? We had K two and C H c l tree, which is okay, because it's in the overall reaction. And instead of Seattle, we're going to write screw roots off K one over K minus one C l to you if I want to rearrange this and rights just a K for all these K constants, I'm going to get kay c h c l three and C L two to the power off. One over to you. Remember, this 1/2 means a square root

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