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Temperature And Rate - Example 1


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Now let's all the question about this. So there is the reaction off the decomposition of ozone and they're asking us what is the frequency factor? And was the activation energy. They're giving us the stable tea and the K values, and it starts from 600 goes to 1900 they're different K values corresponding to this table. But they're not providing us this graph. I dropped this beforehand to be able to solve this question of faster with you guys. So basically, what we have done here was plotting Ln k, these values into Ellen and this is going to be one over t graph. So basically, take these values, flip them, and right over here, And once you plot these values, what we're going to get is this straight line. And once you look at the equation off this line, what we're going to get is why equals to 1.12 times center the part off X plus 26.8. Now, if you can remember, this is going to correspond to lnk equals two minus e a or are one over tea. Plus, Ellen E. Now, one of the tea is our ex Alan Kay is our Why Over here and our X over here and our Ln a is going to be this y intercept. So let's all this question. What we're going to have is the slope over here, which is minus 1.12 times. Tend to the poor off four. This will be equal to are negative energy off activation or are Now we can pick the value off our as 8.314 and the units are going to be Jules over. Mole Children. Which means the temperature we need to use has to be in Calvin's. And the energy we're going to get is going to be in jewels and is going to be e a minus 1.12 times 10 to the power of four. And then we multiply both sides with these are value. And what we're going to get is going to be e a equals two nine tree 9.3 one times tend to the power off four Jules per moles. Now we found t e A. And what we're going to find next is to find the, uh, the value and the value is going to be our Y intercept. So what we have is 26 0.8 equals two Elena and recall if we have eat the power off Ln X is going to be equal to X. So we're going to take both sides to the part of E E to the power off to enter 6.8 equals two A. Then A is going to be equal to 4.36 times tend to the poor off 11th.

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