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Temperature And Rate - Example 2


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Now let's say they're not giving us any off this graph. So we need to basically sold the question on our own by using the equation. So which a question we need to use? What we can do is to use this equation. We came up right, Ellen K one over K two equals two e a or are one over t to minus one over t one. Now, don't forget. What you can do is also Ellen Que two over k ones because to yea or are one over t one minus one over t to these are the same. What you can also do is Ln Katie over K ones equals two minus CIA, or are one over to you to minus one over. See you one thes are all the same. But let's just go with whichever is easier for you to remember. So I'm going to just go with the first equation that we're on. And what we are supposed to do is basically picked two values. So which values I'll pick random to values Doesn't matter. Let's pick 900 and 1300. So what we'll have is Ellen 4 900. We have 1.7 times sent to the part of six 10 to the power of six. Do I buy four? K two. We have 7.83 times 10 to the power off seven. And this will be equal to E A. Or for our. We have 8.314 and one over T two and R T two is 1300 minus one over 900. Now, we're just going to simply sold for E. A left hand side is going to be a negative value. Minus 2.83 equals to be a or 8.314 parentheses. One over here, 300 minus one were 900 is going to be equal to, uh this is a huge I raised her. Let me get to smaller. But we will have is going to be parentheses minus 3.42 times. Tend to the poor off negative four. Now solving for e A. But you will get is going to be 93139 Jules, I was pretty much the same value with the last questions. Uh, answer actually got 9.31 times 10 to the power off I believe three and there's going to be the same master. I think there's going to be nice to the part before my my mistake. But this value from the previous question is going to be the exact same value with this e a that reform now, since you found the E A Now we can solve for a using our first equation Lnk you call Su minus e a over are one or T plus Elena. Now we know the K. Just use for example, this value since is smaller. It was 600 and e a is going to be this value, you know, the are and 40. Um, sorry. So for 600 what we're going to get is going to be three points 37 times 10 to the power of three. And now the temperature is going to be 600. Now we can solve for Elena. So moving on. What we'll have is Ellen 3.37 times 10 to the power off. Three equals two negative 93139 Do I by 8.314 in parentheses. One over 600 plus Elena. Hence soling for Elena. A is going to be equal to 4.33 times turned to the poor off 11 originally in the previous page with the graph what we found for a waas 4.36 times 10 to the power. If you don't now, they are really close values to each other. So if you have ah, uh, I mean normally in chemistry Uh, the decimal points are very important. But since we're saying talking about 10 to depart off 11 and the previous question is just a graph fair is this is actually using the values that we found This slight difference is acceptable.

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