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The Integrated Rate Laws - Example 2


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Let's solve another question. Where pro mean associates at 700 Kelvin, with the rates off zero point 372 second to the power of negative one. What ISS? The hall oflife off this reaction. So what are we going to do? If you remember, T 1/2 equals to 0.693 over. Okay. And our K is over here. So for this case, see off all five of pro mean is going to be equal to 0.693 over 0.3 17. And that is going to be equal to one point 86 seconds. Now, if you cannot remember this equation or if you're not giving that equation, just look at the integrates. Read Law. What? We have Ellen's 80 you calls to minus Katie. Plus, Ln a zero put the same A zero terms at the same side. Ellen, Instead of writing 80 we want to write Ln a zero over to minus. This erases a quick equation. Ellen. A zero equals two minus Katie, multiplying both sides with a negative. We have Ellen a zero minus Ellen. A 0/2 equals two. Katie and we are going to have Ln a zero divided by is 0/2 equals to Katie is going to give us Ellen to or a K equals still t one or two. And Ellen too, if you use your calculator ISS 693 So over here, once he implemented, you're going to get the same result.

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