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I have been working as a teaching assisstant for five years. My teaching assisstant consists of assignments marking, tutorial, tutoring, and teaching.

As a marker, I have been assigned to mark assignments for advanced math and stat level such as probability and statistics application, andvanced Calculus, linear algebra and so on.

As a tutorial instructor, I have run a small class where I had to review the lecture that students just learned in class, provided and solved extra relative questions.

As a tutor, I worked as a disposal resource for students who have any question regarding to math and stat at the college level. They dropped in and ask their questions.

As a teacher, I have taught a full college linear algebra class four times. Each class consisted of a hundred of students approximately.

Beside experience in Concordia University, I have also volunteered for math help session in Dawson College for six years as a tutor. Furthermore, I have been tutoring privately students that need extra and individual help in math and stat.


Phd Statistics
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