Bobby B.

University of North Texas


Love math and chemistry and often find myself procrastinating things I actually need to do by solving random problems I find on the internet. Interested in pursuing a PhD in bioinformatics or computational biology/chemistry.

I began tutoring back in 2010 while I was still in high school for the teacher that I took General Chemistry with. In college, I was invited to be an Organic Chemistry study group leader for the University of North Texas (UNT). I worked with one of the local school districts in Lewisville, Texas with their Socratic based tutorial sessions. I also worked with the athletes at UNT as both a tutor and an academic coach. On the math side: I tutored classes for the athletes ranging from pre-Algebra up to Differential Equations and Linear Algebra. On the chemistry side: I tutored General and Organic Chemistry.

Starting my Masters' I began to TA and TF in the Math Department at UNT, while I continued my role as an Organic Chemistry study group leader. While in UNT's Math Department, I have taught or assisted with Algebra, pre-Calculus, Calculus I & II, Linear Algebra, and Differential Equations.



BS Chemistry
University of North Texas
MS Mathematics
University of North Texas

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