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Bobby B.

University of North Texas


Love math and chemistry and often find myself procrastinating things I actually need to do by solving random problems I find on the internet. Interested in pursuing a PhD in bioinformatics or computational biology/chemistry at some point, but currently a candidate for becoming an Officer in the Army.

I began tutoring back in 2010 while I was still in high school for the teacher that I took General Chemistry with. In college, I was invited to be an Organic Chemistry study group leader for the University of North Texas (UNT). I worked with one of the local school districts in Lewisville, Texas with their Socratic based tutorial sessions. I also worked with the athletes at UNT as both a tutor and an academic coach. On the math side: I tutored classes for the athletes ranging from pre-Algebra up to Differential Equations and Linear Algebra. On the chemistry side: I tutored General and Organic Chemistry.

Starting my Masters' I began to TA and TF in the Math Department at UNT, while I continued my role as an Organic Chemistry study group leader. While in UNT's Math Department, I have taught or assisted with Algebra, pre-Calculus, Calculus I & II, Linear Algebra, and Differential Equations.


BS Chemistry
University of North Texas
MS Mathematics
University of North Texas

Topics Covered

Differential Equations
Integration Techniques
Applications of Integration
Series Tests
Parametric Equations
Polar Coordinates
Lines and Planes in Space
Multiple Integrals
Partial Derivatives
Vector Functions
Applications of the Derivative
Structure and Bonding
Chemical Reactions
Functional Groups
Organic compounds
Quadratic Functions
Rational Functions
Graphs and Statistics
Equations and Inequalities
Complex Numbers
Trig Integrals
Vector Calculus
Structure and Stereochemistry of Alkanes
Algebra Topics That are Reviewed at the Start of the Semester
Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Systems of Equations and Inequalities
Introduction to Trigonometry
Introduction to Sequences and Series
Introduction to Combinatorics and Probability
Functions of Several Variables
Continuous Functions
Second-Order Differential Equations
Right Triangles
Exponents and Polynomials
Introduction to Combinatorics and Probability
Alternating Series Test
Power Series
Taylor Series
The Language of Algebra
Linear Functions
An Introduction to Geometry
Introduction to Conic Section
Introduction to Matrices
Area Between Curves
Arc Length and Surface Area
Improper Integrals

Bobby's Textbook Answer Videos

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