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Evelyn C.

University of Scranton


I am a veteran high school mathematics teacher of 32 years. I have been employed by Wallenpaupack Area School District for 31 years and have served as the department chairperson for the past 7 years. I am experienced in teaching all levels of high school mathematics. My most recent teaching schedule included Introductory Calculus, Probability & Statistics and Geometry. I have taught all levels of high school math. During the Covid-19 pandemic I learned to create video lessons so that my students would continue to move forward with their education. When I am not teaching, I enjoy boating on Lake Wallenpaupack and camping with friends and family.


BS Secondary Education - Mathematics
University of Scranton
MS Educational Leadership & Development
Wilkes University
MS High School Math Educator

Topics Covered

Graphs and Statistics
Systems of Equations and Inequalities
Introduction to Matrices
Sampling and Data
Probability Topics
Probability and Counting Rules
The Normal Distribution
The Central limit Theorem
Confidence Intervals
Discrete Random Variables
The Chi-Square Distribution
Descriptive Statistics
Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Equations and Inequalities
Data Description
Hypothesis Testing
Right Triangles
Introduction to Trigonometry
Continuous Random Variables
Hypothesis Testing with One Sample
Linear Regression and Correlation
Sampling and Simulation
Rational Functions

Evelyn's Textbook Answer Videos

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