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Jake R.

University of Waterloo


I am a passionate materials and nanosciences student, and a recent graduate from the University of Waterloo! I have a wide range of experience, spanning from chemistry to physics to computer science. My first work performing research was at a space agency where I researched the consequential effects of radiation on spacecraft headed to Mars. Since then, I have performed research into copper nanoparticles for reducing CO2 and converting it back into oxygen and fuel, as well as research on new types of solar cells! When I'm not working on research and development, you'll find me hiking outdoors as I find it's one of the best places to think.


BS Honours Materials and Nano-sciences
University of Waterloo
MS Materials Science and Engineering
University of Toronto

Topics Covered

Aromatic Compounds
Reactions of Aromatic Compounds
Introduction to organic chemistry

Jake's Textbook Answer Videos

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