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Linh V.

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I have been working as a teaching assisstant for five years. My teaching assisstant consists of assignments marking, tutorial, tutoring, and teaching.

As a marker, I have been assigned to mark assignments for advanced math and stat level such as probability and statistics application, andvanced Calculus, linear algebra and so on.

As a tutorial instructor, I have run a small class where I had to review the lecture that students just learned in class, provided and solved extra relative questions.

As a tutor, I worked as a disposal resource for students who have any question regarding to math and stat at the college level. They dropped in and ask their questions.

As a teacher, I have taught a full college linear algebra class four times. Each class consisted of a hundred of students approximately.

Beside experience in Concordia University, I have also volunteered for math help session in Dawson College for six years as a tutor. Furthermore, I have been tutoring privately students that need extra and individual help in math and stat.


Phd Statistics
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Topics Covered

Multiple Integrals
Applications of the Derivative
Applications of Integration
Series Tests
The Language of Algebra
Equations and Inequalities
Complex Numbers
Systems of Equations and Inequalities
Introduction to Matrices
Integration Techniques
Alternating Series Test
Power Series
Taylor Series
Differential Equations
Partial Derivatives
Continuous Functions
Sampling and Data
Descriptive Statistics
Probability Topics
Parametric Equations
Polar Coordinates
Vector Functions
Introduction to Sequences and Series
Introduction to Combinatorics and Probability
Exponents and Polynomials
Rational Functions
Introduction to Trigonometry
Graphs and Statistics
Introduction to Vectors
Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Introduction to Combinatorics and Probability
Algebra Topics That are Reviewed at the Start of the Semester
Vector Calculus
Introduction to Conic Sections
Functions of Several Variables
Linear Functions
Quadratic Functions
Second-Order Differential Equations
Lines and Planes in Space
Trig Integrals
Trig Substitution
Parallel and Perpendicular lines
Multivariable Optimization
Integration Review
Improper Integrals
An Introduction to Geometry
Applications of Trigonometric Functions
Graphing Trigonometry Functions

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