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Marshall S.

University of California, Davis


I'm here to help you learn. I joined Numerade because I wanted a chance to help others with the depth of knowledge I have built up over the years. If you have questions, please feel free to email me at any time! (mjstyczi@uw.edu) I have been teaching and tutoring math and physics for well over a decade, and I spent several years studying ways to improve Electricity and Magnetism courses while teaching those same courses. Now, I study Jupiter's moon Europa with the help of a NASA fellowship.

Visit my personal website: http://students.washington.edu/mjstyczi/
Connect with me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/moosh-link/
Learn more about the University of Washington: http://www.washington.edu/


BS Physics
University of California, Davis
MS Physics
University of Washington
Phd Physics
University of Washington

Topics Covered

Applying Newton's Laws
Rotation of Rigid Bodies
Dynamics of Rotational Motion
Equilibrium and Elasticity

Marshall's Textbook Answer Videos

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