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Martha R.

Michigan State University


I have always loved math and science and hope that this passion will rub off on others. For example, I remember disliking history until I had a teacher who loved it, which in turn, helped me love the subject. I hope to offer that same approach to you - because we all do better when we actually like what we have to learn. Motivation is the first step, and I'll lead the way!

Note: I have a bachelor's in electrical engineering and an M.D.


BS Electrical Engineering
Michigan State University

Topics Covered

Equations and Inequalities
Quadratic Functions
Complex Numbers
The Language of Algebra
Exponents and Polynomials
Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Right Triangles
Introduction to Trigonometry
Partial Derivatives
Algebra Topics That are Reviewed at the Start of the Semester
Functions of Several Variables
The Integers
Continuous Functions
Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Graphs and Statistics
Linear Functions
Rational Functions
Introduction to Conic Sections
Introduction to Conic Section
Introduction to Combinatorics and Probability
Descriptive Statistics
Probability Topics
Whole which of Numbers
Area and Perimeter
An Introduction to Geometry
Geometry Basics
Parallel and Perpendicular lines
Geometric Proof
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