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Nadia L.

California Institute of Technology


I currently teach Chemistry and AP Physics 1 in Houston, Texas. I received my bachelor's degree in chemistry from Caltech, where I served as an undergraduate research and teaching assistant. I moved back home to Houston for my graduate work. At Rice University, I studied the heating behavior of different materials under exposure to radiofrequency with applications in cancer therapy. One of my favorite parts of my time at Rice was working as a TA in General Chemistry. I received my PhD in 2016, then began my career teaching. My interests include research-based science teaching methods, such as Modeling Instruction, and new approaches to grading and assessment.

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BS Chemistry
California Institute of Technology
MA Chemistry
Rice University
Phd Chemistry
Rice University

Topics Covered

Periodic Table properties
Chemical Bonding
Transition Metals and Coordination Chemistry
Nonmetals Chemistry
Chemical reactions and Stoichiometry

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