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Salamat A.

Wesleyan University


I have been teaching Science, Maths, and Physics in different parts of the world for 5 years.

Working with diverse students for 5 years gives me practical experience to help students reach their potentials. Teaching Science/Maths/Physics has been a rewarding and exciting experience for me. I would take my students in a stimulating and challenging environment from where they could learn on their own. For Instance; once I was teaching displacement, speed, and velocity one of my physics classes. I took students in the school ground and asked them to search for ants and other insects. When students found ants and spiders, I encouraged them to follow wherever they go and draw a line behind them. When they finished the drawing the line, I asked them to measure total time for the total path these insects traveled. Once they did this, I asked them to now measure the length of line they drew. As students did so, I suggested them to write down their results in copies so that we could later compare the lengths and time. Hence, through this activity, they could define and explain displacement, velocity and speed themselves.

I am eager to always explore the potentials of individual students and push them to different learning boundaries I can teach General Science, including Physics and Mathematics from Grade 8th to undergraduate level. I have very good experience teaching UK National Curriculum Key Stage 2 to 4, O /A-levels, IB courses and AP Physics. I also taught calculus-based Physics,Analytical Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, Electronics etc. During my masters program at Wesleyan university, I taught physics undergraduate labs. I helped students troubleshooting experiments and evaluating results by encouraging and pushing them to their learning potentials. I have also tutored many students in US and Russia taking KS3, KS4 and IB courses.

I speak 5 languages including; Russian, Hindi, Urdu , Burushaki and English fluently. I like long walks and trekking in my free time.


MA Physics
Wesleyan University

Topics Covered

Magnetic Field and Magnetic Forces
Sources of Magnetic field
Electromagnetic Induction
Electric Charge and Electric Field
Atomic Physics
Reflection and Refraction of Light
Wave Optics
Periodic Motion
Mechanical Waves
Sound and Hearing
Kinetic Energy
Potential Energy
Energy Conservation
Temperature and Heat
Thermal Properties of Matter
The First Law of Thermodynamics
The Second Law of Thermodynamics
Electromagnetic Waves
Nuclear Physics
Current, Resistance, and Electromotive Force
Direct-Current Circuits
Alternating Current
Motion Along a Straight Line
Motion in 2d or 3d
Newton's Laws of Motion
Moment, Impulse, and Collisions
Rotation of Rigid Bodies
Dynamics of Rotational Motion
Equilibrium and Elasticity
Applying Newton's Laws
Physics Basics
Fluid Mechanics
Gauss's Law
Electric Potential
Capacitance and Dielectrics
Quantum Physics
Particle Physics
Parallel and Perpendicular lines
Right Triangles

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