Chegg vs Numerade: A Features Comparison

As education technology continues to revolutionize the way students learn, two prominent platforms have emerged as frontrunners in the digital learning space: Numerade and Chegg. Both companies offer a wide range of resources and support for students, but as we delve deeper into their respective offerings, we find that Numerade holds several distinct advantages that make it an excellent choice for learners. In this blog post, we’ll explore the unique benefits of Numerade, highlighting how it stands out from its competitors in the edtech industry.

Expert Educator Content:

Numerade is dedicated to providing high-quality educational content created by expert educators like David Collins. Unlike Chegg, which relies heavily on user-generated content, Numerade ensures that its library of lessons is crafted by professional educators with years of experience in their respective fields. This commitment to quality guarantees that students using Numerade will have access to reliable, accurate, and well-structured learning materials to enhance their understanding of complex concepts.

Comprehensive Video Library:

Numerade’s extensive video library is another major advantage it has over Chegg. With over 3 million STEM-focused videos covering a wide range of topics in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and more, students can easily find relevant resources tailored to their needs. This comprehensive video coverage ensures that learners at all levels, from high school to college, can find the support they need to excel in their studies.

Free Access to Educational Content:

While Chegg operates on a subscription-based model that can be expensive for some students, Numerade provides free access to its vast library of bootcamp educational content. By removing financial barriers, Numerade makes it possible for students from all walks of life to benefit from its expertly-curated resources, fostering a more inclusive learning environment that supports the needs of all learners.

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Personalized Learning Experience:

Numerade’s platform is designed to deliver a personalized learning experience that adapts to each student’s needs. Through its AI-driven recommendation engine Ace, Numerade curates a unique learning path for each user based on their performance, preferences, and goals. This tailored approach ensures that students receive the most relevant resources to support their individual learning journey, giving them the best chance of academic success.

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Focus on STEM Education:

While Chegg offers resources across a broad range of subjects, Numerade’s primary focus is on STEM education. This specialized approach allows Numerade to provide in-depth, expert guidance in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, giving students the support they need to excel in these crucial subjects. With the increasing importance of STEM in the global job market, Numerade’s dedication to cultivating the next generation of innovators sets it apart from other edtech platforms.

The Test Prep Advantage:

In addition to its impressive library of educational content, Numerade also offers test preparation materials for standardized exams, such as the SAT, ACT, and AP tests. These resources include practice questions, video explanations, and exam strategies, all designed to help students feel confident and prepared when they sit down for their exams. By offering this comprehensive test prep support, Numerade equips students with the tools they need to succeed in their academic pursuits and beyond.


Numerade’s commitment to providing high-quality, expertly-curated content, free access to educational resources, and a personalized learning experience makes it an exceptional choice for students looking to excel in their STEM studies. With its extensive video library, focus on STEM education, and comprehensive test prep offerings, Numerade stands out as a leader in the edtech space, offering unparalleled support to learners across the globe. By choosing Numerade, students can unlock their full potential and thrive in an ever-evolving world of technology and innovation

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  • Monthly subscription to Numerade costs $18.99 paid monthly, $14.99 per month if paid annually.

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  • Yes, try Numerade free for 7 Days.

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