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Problem 4 Easy Difficulty

4-6 Find the directional derivative of $f$ at the given point in the direction indicated by the angle $\theta .$

$$f(x, y)=x^{3} y^{4}+x^{4} y^{3}, \quad(1,1), \quad \theta=\pi / 6$$


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Video Transcript

everyone. Today we are going to solve all the number of four. Their function is equal to X cubed virus to four plus expressed for my cube They die cart Oh, by the six at one comma mark, we need to find directional derivative. The US ethical toe effects it x Come away into a plus f y in the X gonna lie in the big So FX will be called toe three X square by rest to four plus for X cube by cube cause Bye bye six plus for X cube by cube Trust three express to four y squared window sign by by six. So we will get like one by two Window rule three three X Square virus to four plus four x Cuba Wise Square plus for X Cuba, like Cuba plus three existed for by square. So if it's all we will get half into a road train Do three plus four plus four plus three which is Edgardo half into 73 plus seven. Thank you

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