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Problem 6 Easy Difficulty

5-8 Find an equation of the tangent line to the curve at the given point.
$y=x^{3}-3 x+1,(2,3)$


$y=9 x-15$


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Video Transcript

Walter. The tension line toe Why equals exe cute by three plus one at the point 23 You know that. Why prime his three X squared minus three. So we're gonna call this slope, Sami at two, which is three times two squared minus three, which is terms for it's three, which is 12 minus three, which is lying. And point slope form tells us that. Why minus three to end, which is not times X minus two. Right, So? So this is why minus three is equal to my next routine, Or why is equal to NYU next? Minus 15? No. Is the equation of the pendant line to this cubic at this point?

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