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Problem 6

The narrator's statement in lines $75-78$ most ne…

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Problem 5

$$6 x-9 y>12$$
Which of the following inequalities is equivalent to
the inequality above?
$$\begin{array}{l}{\text { A) } x-y>2} \\ {\text { B) } 2 x-3 y>4} \\ {\text { C) } 3 x-2 y>4} \\ {\text { D) } 3 y-2 x>2}\end{array}$$

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SAT Practice Test # 6



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Video Transcript

so we're looking forward to that inequalities that's equivalent to that inequality above. We just have to see which one is basically the same this equation, except with different proportions. So that might be like explicit bicycle. It's one to expose. To live is equal to two. So something like that. So we're looking for something along those lines. So then let's go and try and simplify this down as much as possible. So for the six x nine and twelve, they all have the three and comments. I'm gonna go in and divide the entire equation by three. If I do that, I get two X minus three y is greater than four. So we have to find something that looks like either this or another proportionate this. Well, if we look at B, that one is just that same proportion of that. So we know it's the same thing

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