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Problem 42 Easy Difficulty

A 0.150 -kg glider is moving to the right on a frictionless. horizontal air track with a speed of 0.80 $\mathrm{m} / \mathrm{s}$ . It has a head-on collision with a $0.300-\mathrm{kg}$ glider that is moving to the left with a speed of 2.20 $\mathrm{m} / \mathrm{s}$ . Find the final velocity (magnitude and direction) of each glider if the collision is elastic.


$v_{1f}=-3.20 \mathrm{m} / \mathrm{s}$ , $v_{2f}= -0.2 \mathrm{m} / \mathrm{s}$


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Video Transcript

have mass and one equals to 0.150 kg. And we even initial is equals to 0.80 m per second to go straight. That is positive. And we have m two equals to 0.3 double zero kg and people initially is equal to minus 2.20 m per second. That is towards left. So we move back the for the elastic collision. We will finally will be equals two and one minus m two divided by and one plus m two multiplied by even initial plus two m two They were by M one plus m two multiplied by way to initial. Okay, we two initials substituting values we get even final equals two and 0.15 minus 0.30 There were 0.15 plus 0.30 multiplied by the evil initially 0.80 Okay, plus two multiplied by 30.3, double zero divided by 0.15 plus 0.30 I'm not a player, babe. Minus two point. Oh, Jill. Okay, Hu Jintao, This can be written s minus 2.20 Do you. Okay, so now, after solving it even finally comes out to be minus 3.20 m per second. Okay, so similarly, we two final is given by two and one river by and one plus m two. We even initial Plus I am too minus and one divided by and one plus m two and one plus m two multiplied by way to initial so substituting values we get the two final equals to two multiplied by 0.15 divided by 50.15 plus 0.30 multiplied by 0.80 Okay 0.80 plus 0.30 minus 0.15 divided by 0.15 plus 0.30 and with two i s minus 2.20 So after solving it, the two final comes out to be minus 0.2 meter per second. So we get even final is equals two mhm minus 2.3 point 20 m per second and we two final is equal to minus 0.20 m per second. Okay, so