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Problem 47 Medium Difficulty


a) $\mathrm{n}(\mathrm{O})=1,11 \mathrm{mol}$
b) $\mathrm{m}(\mathrm{M})=37,64 \mathrm{g}$
c) The element is antimony.


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Video Transcript

we have still 0.37 C room off and thio old 40 and then, Yeah, the total mass off this combines for 5.4 gram. So first of all, we have to ah, found the number off mo off oxygen. Okay, so you know that you found the lump or more oxygen in the compound. First of all, we have thio determent. Um, the lumber. Most of our com Pampa are already is already given. So Siriporn 37 old moles. Okay, so from here, um, for each off the ah, our compound, each of them So say we only have one over. I am too old. Flee only one off them for each off them. We will have free Austin, Your beer's empty. 03 is way for there will be free oxygen. Okay there for Ah, if we have 0.47 um, Ciro, bowl off our, um compound the limbo move. Austrians will be hosting a syrup on 370 More chance to we So we have free time, Slee one point when one most off our hostages. When former One more off our Austria. Okay, So what would be the mass off our, um, medals. The mass of the medals. So, um, we again, we have an answer, you know, free. The total mass is free. D 443514 gram. Okay, so you've reached Subtract the massive oxygen. Then we can find out the remaining mass every corresponding to meddle. So again we refer to party. The number more off oxygen is 1111 more So the mass off oxygen will because 21 for when? One more time to move the mass. We will be close to 16 gram for mo. So we should be able to find as around roughly 17 477 Graham off oxygen. Okay, so for the mass off Ah model. So we just take the total mass 55.4 months. 17.76 gram. So for the 5.4 by a 17.76 square m, we will flee have set for these 7.6 Gramp for a medal. Okay, so what would be the identity off a metal? So we have Ah, um 37.6 gram Ah, off a medal six swim of a medal and then formalize Auntie o flee and also the same time we know that. Ah, 0.370 mouth off this compound. So therefore out. Ah, the festival. We could justify the lumbar more for off our medals. The lumber move on models will be, um, because so far off the seven. All times, too. Because for each off in there to meddle. So we have some foreign 37 serial turns to you. So because a similar for syrup on 740 Ah, no. Off our medals. Okay, so we have to find a more the mass. So the more the mass is Sequels to the we know. Number more close to mass over more mass if we want to. We all wish that we know that is to be half hour mass over our them Bommel's. So the massive already keeping these 47 46 cram and the number of Moses syrup on 740 No. And there were going thio, you have putting the coca leader to find out what will be the number. So he's remember Fluffy 55.8. Uh um Grande Permal. So we're going to, uh, go back to appear on the table and look for the one that had the manner that's have a closer with a mass. So I believe. Ah, 50 point eat. So look for the metals. 54 8 Yeah, Before the collision, there will be maybe someone ing over Brian Gang. So we're looking for the closest value. The closest are far. Maybe vanadium. Ah, we have awfully around 50.94 grand per more 54 94 grams formal. So, um, the matter will be we need him.