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Problem 54 Medium Difficulty

A 4.00-kg silver ingot is taken from a furnace, where its temperature is 750.0$^\circ$C, and placed on a large block of ice at 0.0$^\circ$C. Assuming that all the heat given up by the silver is used to melt the ice, how much ice is melted?


$2.10 \mathrm{kg}$


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Video Transcript

Well, first of all, let's do it for ice. Ah, there is a fist change from solid to liquid. So the capacity is given by kun is equal to moss off ice a multiply by Leighton teed off a virgin and for ingot home. But there was a change in temperature. Uh, therefore, Kim is given by m times C times adult ity. Since there is a change in temperature before we have dealt it to you and for totally cool Librium, we have AA minus moss off a similar multiply by. All right. Specifications, capacity for Sylar. Times changing temperature. Delta T is equal. Do must off ice multiply by light and Tito fusion. And from this equation, we can find more supplies. So Omar Sof ises given by minus into moss of Sylar multiply by ah, specifications capacity of similar multiply by ah, gull titty changing temperature divided by light and Tito future So walking the values we have Uh huh. This is a call to four kilograms. Multiply by, uh, 234. 234. Jewels are kilogram Are cowing is the special keep capacity for silver com multiplied by changing temperature is Ah, zero minus 700 50 d present. Agreed. Divided by LF lighten Tito Fusion, which is 334 multiplied by 10 to the power tree, Jules per kilogram. And solving this we have more selfies. Is it cool too? Two point 10 kilogram. And if the problem Thank you for watching.