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Problem 7 Easy Difficulty

(a) A defibrillator sends a 6.00-A current through the chest of a patient by applying a 10,000-V potential as in the figure below. What is the resistance of the path? (b) The defibrillator paddles make contact with the patient through a conducting gel that greatly reduces the path resistance. Discuss the difficulties that would ensue if a larger voltage were used to produce the same current through the patient, but with the path having perhaps 50 times the resistance. (Hint: The current must be about the same, so a higher voltage would imply greater power. Use this equation for power: $P=I^{2} R$ ).


(a) $R=1.67 \mathrm{k} \Omega$
(b) The power output of the defibrillator, or the energy transferred to the humn body, will increase 50 times. This transferred energy may cause burns to the skin.


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Video Transcript

as a nation in this particular problem, the meaning go for the February Caries. This is basically an instrument used to control the heartbeats off patient by application off an electric current, or to the chest wall or the heart. Now hear the applied voltage is given as we is equal to 10,000 words. And, uh, you got under because being generated, which is running through the through the just off probation is six amperes, and we need to find the right distance in relation to this. So basically, we're going to use him slow in article Creator, A distance, which is but he sure v and I So we write the value is 10,000 words. I got into the oven in six. So we're just coming as 1.67 in pretenders to three wombs. So the convention it is 1.6 70 looms. Now this is there a distance of the part And this is the answer for Park Hee? No, we will move to the second step, which is Ah, sit by Toby. Now, In this case, the conditions arise given below. Ah, first all right. The condition, as in this case, the current remains The scene second condition is at a distance, becomes 50 times already know one, and the third condition is warg. Age also increases supervision. Single Now there is calculated is the initial power which has given us be is equality will use the formulas I square into our that he's gotten square Mikey pair better distance. But as for this new condition, you know the final power would be SIPRI Dash which is equipped to my square into eyelash. So therefore Peter, she's equal to I square might get played by. As for the condition, it is 50 times Original one she would write their condition is real, that is a ranch is a court threw 50 times off our so therefore we'd actually is equal to 50 times my square into our and this I square into our denotes the original power. There was initial power, so finally we get it. Well, then she's 1/4 to 50 times that. I'll be so right. The country denies, as we can see here power. It will be 50 times more So ultimately ritual johns for more energy. Two human body somebody cools mill move more rapidly. Mitch will generate tremendous heat which may bone This came This has to be an answer

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