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Problem 92

A pound of plain M&M candies contains 96 g fat, 3…


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Problem 91

(a) A serving of a particular ready-to-serve chicken noodle soup contains 2.5 $\mathrm{g}$ fat, 14 $\mathrm{g}$ carbohydrate, and 7 $\mathrm{g}$ protein. Estimate the number of Calories in a serving. (b) According to its nutrition label, the same soup also contains 690 $\mathrm{mg}$ of sodium. Do you think the sodium contributes to the caloric content of the soup?


(a)108.03 $\mathrm{Cal}$
(b)Because it is not combustible. Sodium chloride does not combine with oxygen, and it can not be used as a source of energy.



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Video Transcript

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