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Problem 14 Easy Difficulty

A box is cubical with sides of proper lengths $L_{1}=L_{2}=L_{3},$ as shown in Figure P 26.14, when viewed in its own rest frame. If this block moves parallel to one of its edges with a speed of 0.80$c$ past an observer, (a) what shape does it appear to have to this observer? (b) What is the length of each side as measured by the observer?


a) Rectangular, compressed in the direction of motion.
b) $L_{1}=1.2 m$
$L_{2}=2.0 m$
$L_{3}=2.0 m$


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Video Transcript

well of the ship will be wrecked under, uh, the shampoo. Ah. Will be erecting Glor Rectangular. Since it is compressed in the directional motion compressed in the direction in the direction off washing. Ah, let's to park be well, we know that contracted land l is equal to proper lent. Multiply by square root off one minus We squared, divided by sea script. So in this case, uh, lent offside one is equal to proper length. Off, uh, side one. Multiply by square. Root off. One minus will be divided by sea home square, and therefore and one is equal to 2.0 multiplied by scared Rudolph one minus, uh, zero bind 80 Old screener. Since we equals 0.80 times the speed of flight and see script gets cancelled. Would cease creator on. Therefore, one is equal to 1.2 leaders and l two is, uh, 2.0 meters, and similarly, l three, um is also equal to find zero meters

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