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Problem 15 Easy Difficulty

A car initially traveling eastward turns north by traveling in a circular path at uniform speed as shown in Figure P7.15. The length of the arc $A B C$ is $235 \mathrm{m},$ and the car completes the turn in 36.0 $\mathrm{s}$ .
(a) Determine the car's speed. (b) What is the magnitude and direction of the acceleration when the car is at point $B$ ?


a. 6.53 $\mathrm{m} / \mathrm{s}$
b. 0.285 $\mathrm{m} / \mathrm{s}^{2}$ at $145.0^{\circ}$ counterclockwise from east $\left(35^{\circ} \text { north of west). }\right.$

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Video Transcript

this question, you have a car that travels from me to see uh at a uniform speed And the land of the art is 235". Uh the car takes 36 seconds to travel from HTC. So in this question, uh we want to calculate the speed of the car and uh contribute to acceleration. The magnitude and direction of centripetal acceleration of the car at point B. Yeah. So okay, so for part A to find the speed of the car uh is relatively straightforward. Mm. So it's just laying off the ark if I buy the time taken. Okay, so we'll be 235. The Rabbi 36. And your cats 6.53 m/s. Well, and then in fact B we want to find a century better acceleration. So um, the centrifuge the formula for centripetal acceleration. Yes, we squared over. R. Okay, so we need to find a radius. Okay, so the radios. Yes. Equal to hey, those are the line of the I. D. By by uh data. Okay. The data is pay over tour. He had to wrestle a pie. You can play the radios to be 150 years. Okay. The next um yeah. Okay with the radio. So we can calculate the centripetal acceleration. So this is the square are and then 6.53 square divide by 150. And this is your point to its five m 1st 2nd square. Okay. So this is uh 92. Yeah. And the direction. Okay? You'll be putting towards the origin. Right? So and uh this angle here Will be 35°.. Okay? So I can see that the direction is 145°.. Can't go clockwise from the east From east. Okay. So this will be done direction. Right? That's all for this question.

University of Washington
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