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Problem 77 Easy Difficulty

A car is towing a boat on a trailer. The driver starts from rest and accelerates to a velocity of $+11 \mathrm{m} / \mathrm{s}$ in a time of 28 $\mathrm{s}$ . The combined mass of the boat and trailer is 410 $\mathrm{kg}$ . The frictional force acting on the trailer can be ignored. What is the tension in the hitch that connects the trailer to the car?


160 $\mathrm{N}$


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Video Transcript

to solve this question, you can apply Newton's second law to the boat Andi the trailer together. So you by doing there to get the following the net force acting on them. Is it close to the complainant? Mass times their acceleration. So the net force has only one component on the horizontal direction, which is the direction we are interested. So let me say that everything that is pointing to the right is pointing to the positive direction them. There is only attention force pointing in that direction. Let me call this X truth, then the station force is because they combine it mass 410 times acceleration off them. But they're acceleration isn't even, but we can calculate it by using the following equation. Acceleration is given by the variation in the velocity divided by the time it took in the situation. We have 11 meters per second, divided by 28 seconds. Then the tension force is 410 times 11 divided by 28. These results in attention force off approximately 160 new palace

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