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Problem 87 Medium Difficulty

A compound containing only sulfur and nitrogen is $69.6 \% \mathrm{S}$ by mass; the molar mass is $184 \mathrm{g} / \mathrm{mol}$. What are the empirical and molecular formulas of the compound?


$\mathrm{SN} ; \mathrm{S}_{4} \mathrm{N}_{4}$


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Video Transcript

We're compound. They're calling. So for nitrogen, reverse succeeds 9.6% over. And the mother master off this cold compound disc Ah, off possible the mass off the whole mark you This is what they want. 84 gram promote. So what would be the empirical and also molecular formula? So that's first start for 1/2 hour empirical formula. So I recall formula. Ah, we know that we have six C on 9.6% over and on the other hand, for natural, we would have ah hundreds. So trust me 9.6%. We have 31 4 percent off nitrogen. All right, So assume we have a 100 grand with lots of stuff. So we have 69 for nine years. I've seen them from sex crimes over and also for tea for four grandma nitrogen. So we're going to convert at to limbo most. All right, so the lumber off most off sulfur were D'Cruz to our ah massive sulfur sisters. I'm for 91 bottle of massive self referred to 910.7 and we should be referred around 2.17 mold and then for, um, the number more nitrogen. We have 30.4 year by 14 point. And no wonder with a massive hydrogen you've ever, ever want to upon 17 more. All right, so from here, the more the way Show allegiance over to *** journeys if they're on 1 to 1. So therefore, I am fickle formula is that said? All right, so you when the empirical formula is accent Ah, more than mass off this Ah empirical form that would be close to Ah, the molar mass off the nitrogen customer. The mass off sulfur Siri Corresponding roughly around two is 40.8 grand. Permal. All right, so, um uh, more the forward marketer for mother, It's ah, multiple and pickle phoner. And we're giving the only mass off the mark. A former, it's 1 84 gram per boat. So we're going to do a division to found actually the multiples. So the moat, you fools, he goes to 1 80 Ah, four. Do you have 46 porno? Eight. It was that they have on the coast of four. Okay, so therefore it Ah, well, it boys for So we got them apply on a prick. A phone there are 54 So the molecule of formula more that cure the, uh for murder. We're former the formula who recalls to ask for and for