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Problem 89 Medium Difficulty

A compound containing only sulfur and nitrogen is 69.6$\% \mathrm{S}$ by mass; the molar mass is 184 $\mathrm{g} / \mathrm{mol}$ . What are the empirical and molecular formulas of the compound?


NS =empirical N4S4 =Molecular


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Video Transcript

for this sulfur nitrogen compound were told that we have 69.6 percent of sulphur, which subtracting from 100% leaves us with 30.4% nitrogen. If we assume 100 grams, then that would mean that we have 69.6 grams of sulfur and 30.4 grams of nitrogen. Let's convert these two moles using the Moulder mouse 32.1 grams Prum, old for sulfur and 14.0 grabs promo for the nitrogen that's worked these outs 2.17 move of sulfur and 30.4 divided by 14 would give me also 2.17 more Abide by 2.17 to leave me with one and one. Therefore, my empirical formula is going to be cool too. Um S and one sulfur, one nitrogen. We're told that the molecular formula is Well, let's do this alphabetically alphabetically. Um, we should go and s to properly read that chemical formula to calculate the molecular formula. We're gonna take the moulder mouse, which is given in the question at 184 grams per mole. And we're going to divide that by the empirical mass, the empirical mouths would be massive. The empirical Formula One nitrogen, a one sulfur to give me 46.1 grounds promote 1 84 divided by 46.1, gives me 3.99 to the nearest hole number would before. So the molecular formula is equal to four times the empirical formula for a molecular formula end.