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Problem 84 Hard Difficulty

A cylindrical can has a volume of 40$\pi \mathrm{cm}^{3}$ and is 10 $\mathrm{cm}$ tall. What is its diameter? [Hint: Use the volume formula listed on the inside front cover of this book.


Diameter is $4 \mathrm{cm} .$


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Video Transcript

Hi. So it is going that this Linda can has a William off fourty by Cindy Meter Square. So the equation off William off a cylinder is we is equal toe by year square into edge where r is the radius off the bottom off the sindoor readies off conversation and it is the hide off cylinder. And given that it is the accord oh, often centimeter. So we can write that by year. Square into Penn is equal toe 40 by Cindy Meter Square So from this, we can cut this by values And our square is a quarto 40 divided by 10 So r is equal toe root off four which is you call toe toe So the radios off the cylinder is R is equal to So if radios is equal to two centimeter than diameter As you call it to our which is equal go to Indo do which is you quarto