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Problem 17 Easy Difficulty

(a) Find the differential $ dy $ and (b) evaluate $ dy $ for the given values of $ x $ and $ dx. $
$ y = \sqrt {3 + x^2}, x = 1, dx = -0.1 $


(a) $\frac{x}{\sqrt{3+x^{2}}} d x$
(b) -0.05


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Video Transcript

okay, We know that we're gonna be doing 1/2 times three plus X squared to the night of 1/2. Remember, take into account the changeable times two acts. The derivative of the inside of X squared is to actually have to multiply that as well. This gives us acts over the square root of three plus X squared de axe. OK, moving on into part B, we can simply pull again. One over the square root of four terms. Negative 0.1 because negative 0.5