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Problem 17

a. Find the open intervals on which the function …

Problem 16

a. Find the open intervals on which the function is increasing and decreasing.
b. Identify the function's local and absolute extreme values, if any, saying where they occur.


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Video Transcript

like in the graph of this function. And we want to know the open intervals on much. The function is increasing and decreasing for party eso. This isn't too bad. Ah, Looks like incredible suit increasing first. So where's the function Increasing? Well, it starts out increasing. So from negative forward and negative three and then from Yeah, let's just say that's negative. One toe one might be a little bit left. Negative one, but reading from the grass sometimes it's hard to tell. And then maybe from two, two, four Okay, and then decreasing. Negative. Three, two negative. One inch and then one Teo could get. And then we'LL just get the points where we see a local max. So it looks like at negative three. We haven't local max of one. And what else? One. We have a local maximum one. Okay, right. What else? And that looks like it. Okay, let me have the local men at about negative one. Good one and then Looks like two. We have a local men of zero. All right. And the looks to be it. No, I'Ll say that the the inn points of negative for and at four. You can also say that those air local a maximum But you know, that's really just kind of right, because you normally if you have a local Max, you want, uh, it be increasing just to the left and decreasing just to the right. But if you're on the left in point of interval, it's sort of not is clear whether or not you want to call that a local maxim Local men. And so I I like to say that either way is fine.