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Problem 18

a. Find the open intervals on which the function …

Problem 17

a. Find the open intervals on which the function is increasing and decreasing.
b. Identify the function's local and absolute extreme values, if any, saying where they occur.


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Video Transcript

kit. So for a problem 17 similarity. We need to first find ah opana rose for creasy and decreasing. If we also observed the graph from next four to a next one, its function will be increasing and from negative 1 to 1/2 function decrease and from one have to to function will increase and from 2 to 4 function will still be increasing. Okay, now, part B or the local extreme battles. In this case, if we, um check the like check the the 10 gin up off this Steven graf you can find the local extreme bedrooms are next one and 1/2 and these are two loco extreme valleys. Now, for the absolute extreme value, there's only one. That's the end point here, which is have four. Okay, so that's it for this problem.