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Problem 10 Easy Difficulty

A function is given by a table of values, a graph, a formula, or a verbal description. Determine whether it is one-to-one.

$ f(x) = x^4 - 16 $


$\operatorname{not}(1$ to 1$)$

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Video Transcript

we're deciding whether or not this function is 1 to 1. And to be 1 to 1 means that every X value has only one y value. And every y value has only one X value. And there are different ways we can look into this. We could graph it or we might be able to find some new miracle examples. So let's try some numbers here. Let's find f of one that would be one to the fourth power minus 16 and that would be negative 15. Now let's find f of negative one. That would be negative. One to the fourth power minus 16. That's also negative. 15. So look, here's an example where we have multiple X values with the same why value? So this is not 1 to 1.