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Problem 40

You need to make a generator for your bicycle lig…

Problem 39

A generator has a 450 -turn coil that is 10 $\mathrm{cm}$ long and 12 $\mathrm{cm}$ wide. The coil rotates at 8.0 rotations per second in a $0.10-\mathrm{T}$ magnitude $\vec{B}$ field. Determine the generator's peak voltage.


27.14 $\mathrm{V}$



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Video Transcript

In this particular case, the frequency off the the loop spin is eight rotations. Our second are eight hearts, which would give you the angular velocity equals to buy s equals To buy times eight equals 16 by radiant our second. Now we know that the big power off the generator will be in a number of terms of the group, the magnetic field area of the loop and the angular velocity. In this particular case, I have got 450 dance. I have to use all s I. So manic phases given to be 0.1. Tessa, Let's just ignore the units for now. Magnetic 50 0.1 Tessa times the area he's tense and emitted by 12 centimeter. 10 centimeter is then times 10 to the minus two times to have sent emissaries to elf times 10 to the minus two and omega. We have 16 body and this will come out to be in watch. If you do the math, then all together you will get 27 point 13 won't

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