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Problem 3

Why might the expression "1 mol of chlorine" be c…

University of Toronto
Problem 2

a) $\mathrm{n}(\mathrm{C})=12$ moles
b) $\mathrm{N}(\mathrm{C})=1,44^{*} 10^{25}$ atoms



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Video Transcript

assume we have one more off sucrose sea trout 20 to 11. So what would be the little move off cabin doing one more off super pups. So for part A for each off the sucrose molecule for save We only have one circle small cube and it will be contained 12 carbon atom So one mark you 12 carbon atoms from the marketer formula. So therefore, when we have one more off sucrose then the number move off cabin should be close to 12 post we go You can see that a 41 more off sucrose were 12 So the wishers, 1 to 12. Okay, so how about for party? You have to mobile Super Bowls so stupid essentially uses this market of formula. We'll have to most off supers. Then we would have 24 most off cabin because the way show off when Marco too

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