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Problem 20 Medium Difficulty

a. How much does it cost to rent a car for 3 days if the car is driven $280 \mathrm{mi} ?$
b. Find a formula that models the cost $C$ of renting this car for $n$ days if it is driven $m$ miles.
c. If the cost for a 3 -day rental was $\$ 140$, how many miles was the car driven?


b. $C=30 n+10 m$
c. $m=5$ miles


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Video Transcript

Sohel Ocean. Now we're going to understand this course and renting a car. Certain car rental agency, compact car, rent for it. Brent Say it today, each day rent, which is $30 and and $10 for miles. This dense covering distance No, First worsen. How much does it cost? Sent plastic Weirdo. Three days. What a guard. So three days 30 in Booth. Three. It's the cost party, So three days 3 30 plus to 80 miles so to 80 miles and eight miles. Cars, $10. So this is a Quito 90 plus Giorgio boom. It adding this to 892 dollar cost Be. Find a part of another mortar cost ending en days. And Emily so cause end days in 30. In the end. Bless I m. I m. In tow, then so C equals toe 30 and plus 10 AM You can take 10 coming from here. So then three and bless them And he's and this number of days and m is miles car driven. No si person. If a cost. Three days rental waas 1 40 The home in months guardrail see equal to have privileges No. 30 and plus 10 AM So we're gonna cost wise 1 40 equal to three days. 30 into three days, plus 10. And we have to find em harming him. Watch! Strap it! So this is 1 40 minus three in tow 30 which is 90. It could look 10 AM so m equals. Don't want 40 minus. This is 50 upon then. Emma. Quarto fight. So five miles.