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Problem 111

Introduced the idea of structural isomerism, with…


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Problem 110

(a) If an automobile travels 225 mi with a gas mileage of 20.5 mi/gal, how many kilograms of $\mathrm{CO}_{2}$ are produced? Assume that the gasoline is composed of octane, $\mathrm{C}_{8} \mathrm{H}_{18}(l),$ whose density is 0.692 $\mathrm{g} / \mathrm{mL}$ . (b) Repeat the calculation for a truck that has a gas mileage of 5 $\mathrm{mi} / \mathrm{gal} .$


(a) 88.6 $\mathrm{kg} \mathrm{CO}_{2}$
(b) 88.6 $\mathrm{kg} \mathrm{CO}_{2}$



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Video Transcript

So in this problem, we're as that and auto mail travels twenty five miles with the gas mileage off twenty point five miles per gallon. And as they know that the gallons ah container the automobile travels are using the compassion of gasoline which is basically composer off often. So what we have to find out here is how many kitty off carbon dioxide will be produced from from them. Amount of gasoline were combusting. Here TTO go to twenty five miles with the miles off twenty five miles per gallon. So first, what we have to do here is we have to find out the volume of the gasoline. We can do that by just two fighting. Ah, the mile by the mindless which will give us the volume in gallon. Then we can find out the volume in milliliters. Just be converting the gallant to Millie later from there. Using this density, we confined the mass of the gasoline which is combusted here. And from there you can find a number of most of the gasoline or the number of most of the oakton, which togetherness compost off, and from that number of mostly confined the number of months of soda, which is being produced from their going to find the mass ofthe theater which is being produced. So our first time here will be to find out the volume off the gasoline. So you will, um, termed the gasoline as the oct in here, Since you're ultimately going to find out the number of most of locked in syndrome instead of following off foxton first will be miles over my list. So the Majlis, twenty five miles over the milers, which is going to point five mile per gallon so you could give us a value off ten point nine it, Callen. So this is the volume of the gasoline are OCD and, um in gallon. So from here, you can find a volume off gasoline or OCD and in Milly later. Since we know that one gallon is three seven eight, five point for militar for informal later par one gallon. So from here we will find four point one six times into the bar for Millie liter. So this is the volume off the octane or gasoline in terms of militar. Now, oil multiplied this militar following by the density to get the mass off often. So the massive locked in our gasoline will be volume times ten city. So the volume here is four point one six times ten to the bar for milliliters, which you have just calculated times the density, which is blind. Six. Nine Grandpa ml and give us the mass Ingraham, which is two point eight seven. Time is generally bar for Graham. So this is the massive foxton. No, we have to find out the number of moles of forgotten so we can find it out by just two fighting the massive fucked and by smaller mass say it will be two point seven times to depart for Graham over the molar mass a forked and which is one or four point poetry. Crump are more and it'LL give us a veil off two. Fifty one point So five mall. So this is the number of all of the gasoline, or OCD and which is being combusted here. Now we have to find out the number of most ofthe CEO to which will be produced from this month's number off Ogden using the balanced equation for the combustion of Oct. In so far, Americans see that in the balanced equation off the compassion off Ock ten we can see to Mowaffak ten will produce sixteen matloff Seal door Carmen outside. So weaken right. Two more locked in is identical to our willpower. Dios, sixteen more sciutto. That means, um this much more. Two fifty one point two five more often we'LL produce Sistine over two times two fifty one point two five. Morals here too, which is equal to two times ten killed. Small cierto. So this is the number of mall of pseudo which will be produced from the compassion of doctor on the gasoline we have. From here, you can find the mass ofthe photo which will be reproduced. So the mass ofthe Coteau being produced will this simply on the number of malls off Soto being produced times the Moler massive seal which is forty four point zero one in cramped our mall and we would get eight point eight five time still of the bar four gram. We have to find out on the mass in kids hear thee. So we have to go deified thiss by one thousand gram Ah, my one thousand To get the valiant kitschy, it will be eighty eight point five can't see so eight point five Casey Theo toe will be produced from the compassion of the gasoline in this case, and similarly using the same process you can find out on day Val, you are a mass of the pseudo being produced for a drug having against mileage off five mpg, saying that because you just have to place five miles per gallon instead of this twenty miles per gallon and the rest of the calculations will be same.

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