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Problem 29 Easy Difficulty

(a) Is the curvature of the curve $C$ shown in the figure
greater at $P$ or at $Q ?$ Explain.
(b) Estimate the curvature at $P$ and at $Q$ by sketching the
osculating circles at those points.



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Video Transcript

{'transcript': "The problem is hot day is that torture off the curves thing shone in the figure. Great is our greater at peen war at cue flying. So for part a, the court, your pee is greater on the Cordier at Kew. The reason is so from this graph, you can see Elias off escalating circles at P Iss Mora than the riders off escalating circles at Kew that we have the riders are escalating circle is they won over. He won ROK a collection sells a kosher right. He is winter that coach On cue, i'll be estimated to Cordier at P and at a cue by sketching the escalating circles at those points we can scratch that circles the like. This this so escalate nineteen sir close at this two points is as follows. It's a wide radius of escalating circles. At you is about one, and why, this year we go to one half, about half, over half covered at the Q. It's about one Culture at P is about two"}

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